2018 Session Recap

Another Bipartisan Budget

Groundbreaking prescription drug reform

With State Comptroller Kevin Lembo at a January roundtable on drug pricing
  1. Requires drug companies to justify large price increases (20% in one year, 50% over three years)
  2. Makes Connecticut the first state in the nation to require pharmacy benefit managers — the middlemen between drug companies and insurance companies — to disclose how much money they take in from drug company rebates and how much they then retain vs. pass on to consumers
  3. Requires insurance companies to disclose new data about drug spending — the top 25 drugs on their plans, the top 25 drugs with increased prices on their plans, and how much drug prices impacted premiums

Protecting Essential Health Benefits

Joined my female colleagues from both parties to discuss HB 5210

Preserving Shore Line East Service

Press conference at Guilford Train Station in January

Continuing the fight against the opioid epidemic

Parity for those who need prosthetic limbs

With Connecticut Amputee Network advocates Herb Kolodny and Brenda Novak

Strengthening our gun safety laws

Speaking at the Guilford March for Our Lives

Equal pay for equal work



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Sean Scanlon

Sean Scanlon

State Representative for the 98th District (Guilford & Branford)